We are happy to welcome Wayne Clarke to Chesapeake Yacht Sales, as a Yacht Broker.

Wayne Clarke was born in a small community in the County of Mathews, Virginia, well known for sea-captains, merchant marines and commercial waterman.   Wayne was introduced to the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding tributaries at a very early age, by his father, who was a sailor in the U.S. Navy.

He comes from a long line of commercial fisherman and sailors. During school breaks Wayne helped his brother in law, clamming in the James River. He bought his first boat after high school and became a commercial waterman himself.

Wayne says, “It was hard work and long hours, but when you love what you do, it becomes a passion”.

Wayne also worked on ocean going trawlers harvesting scallops in the Atlantic, learning about navigation skills and Mother Nature on a larger scale. After 20 years on the water, Wayne decided to hang up his foul weather gear and pursue a career in the automotive sales.   “I love talking with people, solving problems and assisting them throughout the sales process.”

Wayne had a desire to combine his two previous careers of sales and waterman , as yacht broker for Chesapeake Yacht Sales. He not only brings his sales skills but his passion and love for the boating community.

He lives with his wife, Lynn, on the North River in Mathews County and is still an avid boater and fisherman. “I am very excited about this unique opportunity, I look forward to providing the best possible service to all and I wish everyone, Fair Winds and Following Seas”.