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Fuel Facts Presented by Deltaville Yachting Center

Ethanol in Gas – Good, Bad and UglyThere is absolutely no shortage of opinions on the effect of ethanol in marine gas. Let’s focus on the few FACTS we know to keep ourselves out of trouble:

  • You can’t ALWAYS avoid gas with ethanol in it.
  • Ethanol will absorb limited amounts of water.
  • Once you exceed the water capacity of the ethanol it will separate, causing engine problems.
  • Proper fuel/water separating filters will catch the water.
  • Ethanol in Fiberglass tanks acts as a solvent, destroying the tank, ruining the gas and damaging the engine.
  • Proper stabilizers are critical to maintaining gas quality over time (winter)
  • The tank should be EITHER left stabilized and as full as possible to minimize condensation, or as empty as possible. If empty, count on draining the “liquid” before refilling in the spring.

If your boat has fiberglass fuel tanks – RUN, don’t walk, to your chosen service provider and get them changed out! Do not fill them over winter, the fuel will be ruined and you will be wasting money. Do not run your engine on gas that has been in those tanks. It is certain it will damage the engine.

If you have MOST plastic or metal tanks you should be fine with 10 or even 20 percent ethanol fuel as long as you ensure it is stabilized and steps are taken to avoid water contamination. With proper attention this can be a “non-issue” for you and your boat.

Deltaville Yachting Center is happy to offer Ethanol Free 89 octane gas as a service to our customers.

Diesel fuel is a lot more boring! Keep it full, keep it clean, keep it dry. Add biocide, water absorber and stabilizer when you anticipate more than a few months of inactivity. Once diesel begins to “grow” bacteria, all that can be done is to empty the tank, clean it with solvent and polish the fuel in and out of the tank. (please note this is MORE than only polishing the fuel).

If you have any questions regarding fuel or your fuel situation, please give us a call!