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BE A PART OF 2018-2019 DYC/CYS SPONSORED BOAT EVENTS & CLASSES For Information & Registration: info@dycboat.com or 804-776-9898  9/8/18 Shoreline Clean Up @DYC for Clean VA Waterways 11A 9/15/18 Hampton Sunfish Challenge & Long Distance Dinghy Race buff.ly/2OGnLuN  9/22/18 Gloucester Wine Festival 11A-5P @ Brent & Becky’s Plantation  9/27 - 29/18 Trawlerfest [...]

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What can we do today to save the bay?

Preservation 2: Replace paved driveways and sidewalks with permeable pavers Sidewalks and driveways are typically paved, “impervious” surfaces that do not allow rainwater to soak into the ground. Instead, it runs off, picking up pollutants such as oil, fertilizer and dog waste on its way to the nearest stream or storm drain. Permeable surfaces, such [...]

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We love the Chesapeake Bay!

We love the Chesapeake Bay! However, are we doing what we can to preserve it? Well for this week here is 7 ways your can save the bay! Preservation 1: Schedule and attend regular cleanups along your local stream or river Stream cleanups are something we can participate in a few Saturday mornings a year. [...]

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